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Latest Posts from the Ravens

Episode 11: Interview with Orion Foxwood

November 15, 2019 /

Orion Foxwood grew up in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with the folk practices of southern tradition and Appalachia. He is a Witch, an Elder in Celtic-Traditional Craft, a High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca, and teacher of the Faery Seership tradition. He is also the founding Elder of Foxwood Temple and a primary founder of…

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Episode 10: Interview with Scorpia

October 20, 2019 /

We had the pleasure of meeting Scorpia while attending Covenant of the Goddess‘s Merry Meet. She hails from the east coast in the DelMarVa area (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia). She’s an Elder Priestess who was attending MM for the first time with the hopes of making new connections and obtaining membership to CoG. We spent…

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Pagan Pride Los Angeles and Orange County Sunday October 6, 2019

Episode 09: Ravens Discuss – Pagan Pride LA/OC 2019

October 12, 2019 /

Last weekend we had our first event booth at Pagan Pride LA/OC. It was a great experience for us to meet with listeners, fellow podcasters, and to introduce our show to many in the area that had not yet heard of us. The day was warm, the breeze was cool, and our booth was busy!…

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young pagan witch brothers

Episode 08: Interview With Brandon and Blaine

September 24, 2019 /

Brandon and Blaine are brothers. Each is actively working to bring fresh perspectives and youthful energy for the Pagan community through different roles. Brandon is the incoming National Outreach Officer for the Covenant of the Goddess. Blaine is the Religious Education Director at a Unitarian Universalist Church. Both have a great passion for what they…

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Episode 07: Ravens Discuss – CoG Grand Council and Merry Meet

September 18, 2019 /

In August Tyler and MistressPrime set off on a road trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. They attended the Covenant of the Goddess’s Grand Council and Merry Meet – High Desert Magic. The main objective was to meet and interview people. In this episode, they discuss their travels and experiences while at the annual event.

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Episode 06: Interview with Lord Verderius

September 12, 2019 /

In this episode, we had the pleasure to meet and talk with Lord Verderius. He is a 3rd degree High Priest of the Lavender Dragons Coven based in Florida. As well as, the Apollo Brotherhood Tradition Founder. The Apollo Brotherhood is a Sacred Male Mystery Tradition in the Craft of the Wise. Newly elected to…

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Episode 05: an interview with Canu

September 2, 2019 /

This week’s episode features an interview with Canu. He’s the current National First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess. A Faery Seer with Orion Foxwood’s House of Brigh. A lawyer specializing in environmental law. Additionally, he is the High Priest of Beachfyre Coven. Beachfyer Coven is active in Everglades Moon Local Council of the Covenant…

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Episode 4: Interview with Macha NightMare

August 27, 2019 /

While attending Covenant of the Goddess’ annual Grand Council and Merry Meet we met with and interviewed Macha Nightmare. Macha is a Priestess & Witch, an author, teacher and a ritualist. You can find more about her through her website and her blog Broomstick Chronicles.

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Episode 3: Interview with Morgana Raventree

August 19, 2019 /

While attending Covenant of the Goddess’ annual Grand Council and Merry Meet we had the opportunity to interview Morgana Raventree. Morgana is the president of Pagan Pride Day in Los Angeles/Orange County, Incoming National Second Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess and the leader of her own coven based in Los Angeles, California.

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Episode 2: Interview with Reverend Don Lewis

August 12, 2019 /

Today we interviewed Reverend Don Lewis. Reverend Don Lewis is First Priest and Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, Co-founder and Chairman of Witch School; the first and largest online school of magic and witchcraft. Rev Don is currently celebrating his fortieth year as Correllian First Priest. He is an Arch Priest in the Fellowship…

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