Episode 25: Interview with Laura Perlin

Laura Perlin is a tarot reader and practitioner of the ritual arts. She supports people in ancestral reclamation practice, crossroads navigation, and resolving challenges rooted in the spirit world, as well as working through any patterns and problems that block people from living their brightest lives and bringing their much-needed gifts into full manifestation. Her practice has an animist orientation and combines her skills and training as a ritualist, counselor, herbalist, bodyworker, and teacher. She works within an anti-oppression framework and centers the intersections between personal and collective healing.

Laura’s family migrated to the US from the Soviet Union as settler/refugees, and she grew up on Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been reading cards and practicing her familial lineage traditions since childhood. Laura is of Ashkenazi & Mizrahi Jewish, Sakha, Roma, and Karelian ancestry. She shares her time between San Francisco and her ancestral lands of Sakha Republic, Siberia. She recently collaborated on a translation of indigenous Sakha folktales – Ый кыыһа – Лунная девушка – The Moon Girl – and is currently working on a translation of a book on Sakha shamanism, due for publication in late 2020. 

Connect with Laura lauraperlin.com
Facebook: laura.perlin
Instagram: laura_perlin

New book available now Ый кыыһа- Лунная девушка -The Moon Girl at 

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