Episode 14: Interview with John Huculiak

John Huculiak is an Elder of the Romani Wayfair tradition. He is based in the Hamilton area of Canada. While attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto MistressPrime had the good fortune to meet John. He performed a Rota ceremony for the Pagan Meet and Greet event hosted by the Pagan board members of Parliament. You can watch a video of that ceremony HERE.

He is also an organizer of the Sara e Kali community events in Hamilton that honour the Patron Saint of the Romani. Sara e Kali is known by many names: Kali Sara, Kali Maa (India), Cigana (Brazil), Sara-la-Kali (France), the Black Madonna and others. Sara e Kali had been brought to Europe by the nomadic tribes of India who invoked Kali Maa to help clear their pathway towards the west. She is the Patron Saint of Wanderers, Sailors, the Disenfranchised, and the Romani peoples.

John can be contacted on his Facebook page. May you earn your luck!

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